At IDS, our guiding statements drive the School’s strategic decision making and development. When a student and their family joins our school, we welcome the entire family, and a wonderful learning journey begins.

With a steadfast commitment to building great people, our exceptional teaching and support staff will deliver an excellent educational experience. This learning journey encompasses a rigorous curriculum, inspires innovation, provides diverse co-curricular programs, and ensures unique local and international experiences, and unrivaled student leadership and pastoral care.

Our Management Team is led by our Director and Learning Leader.

Omobola Olaribigbe, our Director, has over fifteen years of experience working in education. Her career has seen her take on teaching and leadership roles across various schools in the UK. She is an Alumnus of the University of Lagos, University of Wales, and has successfully completed the Leadership Program of the Said Business School at Oxford University UK as well as other executive programs in educational leadership.

Omobola strongly believes in the development of Quality and Professional Standards of Education and its impact on the Nigerian Child. She writes curriculum guides and together with other educators, works to define best practices in teaching and learning.

A transformational leader, Omobola is a member of the advisory board of UNITeS CISCO Networking Academy, a platform supported by CISCO which is enhancing educational development in schools in Nigeria through the use of Information Communication Technology to build capacity among students and teachers.

She contributes her time volunteering as a teen mentor in a host of  NGOs.