IKIJA DAY SCHOOL is a warm, nurturing, caring place where all children are encouraged to achieve their full potential, helping prepare him/her as a lifelong learner and active citizen in the 21st Century. We provide a warm and conducive learning environment in which we respect each other and encourage each child to be the best he or she can be.

At IKIJA DAY SCHOOL, we seek to foster in our children a positive attitude to learning, citizenship, self, others and the environment. It is important to us to develop the ‘whole’ child and to nurture children who are confident in their own abilities, successful learners, take a pride and responsibility for their community and children who are able to make an effective contribution to society. We focus not only on the academic and aesthetic development of our pupils, but also on their personal and social development.



Our vision is to be a stimulating, positive and safe learning environment, where the school and parents work in partnership to achieve the best for every child.


We want our children to leave us as happy, confident, successful learners, who have acquired academic excellence, positive attitudes and values, enabling them to contribute effectively to the world in which they live.


We Aim to:

  • Raise each child’s level of achievement by providing a high quality education based on the Early years Foundation Stage and British National Curriculum
  • Provide a positive, enjoyable and stimulating environment in which a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum will help each child develop to achieve their full potential
  • Encourage children to work co-operatively and respect each other’s values, beliefs and cultures, to prepare them for their next stage of education and future lives: and
  • Working in partnership with pupils, parents, staff and the wider community to ensure equality of opportunity for all pupils and staffs.


We base our vision on the value we hold dear. We reinforce these values by talking about them during our WEEKLY assembly sessions and in the classrooms. Here are our values

Respect Excellence
Integrity Care